One of the most common questions we are asked is “are mattress toppers any good and should I buy one?” There are many factors to be considered and we try to provide some answers here but, as usual, please contact us by phone or email if you require further information.

In many cases, people are considering a mattress topper because their level of ‘support’ isn’t what it once was. Maybe your mattress isn’t as firm as before or there are some dips and hollows or it’s a bit ‘lumpy’ in some places… is this causing you back pain? In all these cases you should consider a memory foam mattress topper. These will add an extra layer to the bed and (depending on thickness) are almost like a ‘mini-mattress’ to alleviate the symptoms described above. Memory foam comes in different depths and there are two different variations in style. One is completely flat and will add a staright-forward layer to your mattress – the other is like an egg-carton and this will mould itself more to your joints so should be considered if you have shoulder, hip, knee, joint problems.

There are two other types of mattress toppers; these are microfibres or natural fillings such as goose down and/or feather. Both fulfil the same primary purpose with slight variations. These (relatively) softer mattress toppers are particularly suitable if you have a new mattress or an ‘orthopaedic’ mattress that you find too hard to sleep on. These softer mattress toppers will create a ‘nest’ like experience that you sink into and almost ‘cocoon’ you each night. This is especially true for the natural filled toppers; while the microfibre toppers wont be quite as soft, they do offer the reassurance that they are non-allergenic which may be a factor for some people.

In all cases, whether you go for a memory foam, a microfibre or a natural filled topper, we strongly advise the use of a good quality mattress protector. This should be used over the mattress topper to prevent soiling, perspiration, etc. All ‘natural’ and memory foam toppers are available from our sister company at