At Texstyle, we are proud to offer the most varied range of bed size sheets available in Ireland. When people generally think of buying a bed, they often don’t stop to think about whether they can get sheets to fit and while that may sound pretty obvious, it’s not always the case!

The standard size beds are single, double, king & super-king but many people may find themselves with a slightly different size. For instance, the standard single in Ireland is 90/190cm (36″ X 75″) but on the continent their single beds are one metre wide and two metres long (so 100/200cm.). Many people in Ireland will find themselves with a ‘small’ double bed; typically they were used back in the 50’s and 60’s in older houses but in more recent times they have come back strongly in to fashion, particularly with teenagers who feel they have outgrown a standard single bed or maybe you have a ‘box’ room for visitors where the full double is that little bit big but the 4ft. mattress is fine for weekend visitors.

Then there is the whole confusion surrounding ‘queen’ beds and ‘king’ beds!

The chart on the left will show the standard Irish sizes for our most common mattresses so the confusion is often caused by simple terminology! There is one other factor to consider when buying your fitted sheet and that is the depth of your mattress… Do you find yourself struggling to get one corner of the fitted sheet on to the bed or is your sheet ‘popping’ off the mattress in the middle of the night? This is because your fitted sheet isn’t deep enough for the mattress; as a general rule, your fitted sheet should be 2″ (5cm.) deeper than the mattress e.g. if your mattress is 10″ deep you will need a 12″ fitted sheet. At Texstyle, we are able to offer a fitted sheet as deep as 18″ (46cm.) so you’ll never have to fight with your mattress again!

Whatever size mattress you have, Texstyle can nearly guarantee we have a sheet to match so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s something in particular you’re looking for and, as always, please share our social media posts to spread the ‘gospel’ !